Kaisanet Oy is a modern company operating locally in the regions of Kainuu, Upper Savonia, Koillismaa and Northern Karelia, and providing Internet services and telecommunications and technology knowhow. We are seeking business growth especially by modern Internet and network solutions, IT services and products in the security range. The cornerstone of our activity is ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by recent and future products combined with customer support and service provided on the spot.

Certificated management system

We are permanently improving our activities. The development in the company as well in serving the customers is guided by a certificated management system complying with the demands of international standards in terms of quality, environment, as well as health and safety at work.

Our certified management system fulfils the requirements of the following international standards:

  • Quality system according to ISO 9001. The most important issues of the standard are quality management in the operation, responsibility of the management, resource management, implementation, measurement, analyzing and continued improvement of the product/service.
  • Environment system according to ISO 14001. The crucial points of the standard are minimization and prevention of hazards/risks possibly caused to the environment by the activity.
  • System for health and safety at work according to OHSAS 18001. The most important issues of the standard are eliminating and minimizing hazards/risks for health and safety at work, caused to the personnel and other stakeholders.

Our fundamental values

Customer-oriented approach

Everyone of us is a customer servant. Every customer is treated as an individual. The needs of the customers will be taken in account. We will keep our promises. The internal customers will be served as well.


Profitability: We will take care that billing takes place correct and at right time. We are not working for free. Our offers are based on cost calculation. We are offering overall solutions to the customers. We are not competing on price but service and quality.

Successfulness: We will help each other in achieving results. We will do things correct right from the beginning taking care that the work is documented. We are responsible for the work we have done. The agreed rules of the game are followed.

Effectiveness: We are developing and making effective our ways to act. We are using proper tools in the right way. The use of time is planned to be as effective as possible. In problem situations, we don't hesitate to ask for advice in good time.


The needs of our organization are known to us. We dare to scrutinize, be open and change. We are courageously learning new ways of doing things. We will tell about our development ideas. We will be open-minded for giving and receiving feedback. We simply want to be the best.

Contact information

Office Kajaani
Kaisanet Oy
Pohjolankatu 20
87100 Kajaani

PABX 0800 39 1234
Open Mo-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fax (08) 613 3967
firstname.surname (at) kaisanet.fi

Office Iisalmi
Kaisanet Oy
Pohjolankatu 5
74100 Iisalmi

PABX 0800 39 1234
Open Mo-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fax (08) 613 3967
firstname.surname (at) kaisanet.fi

Invoicing address

Paper invoices
Kaisanet Oy
PL 123
87101 Kajaani

Electronic invoices
EDI/OVT code:
Invoicing operator:
Basware Oyj

Business ID


Company Management

Mikko Kurtti
Mobile: +358 44 734 4240

Marko Kallio
Deputy CEO
Mobile: +358 44 734 4250

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